Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Character Creation: PIGGA

Random Character Creations are cartoon and comic book characters that I've invented purely out of fun and for my own amusement. 
PIGGA suited up behind the snout.

Pigga is one of the most beloved and popular puppet characters on television. Each weekday morning, millions of fans tune in from around the globe to learn lessons of morality, obedience and chastity from America's number 1 swine-descended sweetheart. Pigga is so popular in fact that  she has inspired a chain of amusement parks called Pigga's Trough Towns. There, every day,  a group of wide-eyed, toothy grinned actresses don Pigga costumes and step out into the park to entertain legions of sow-suckling visitors. It's a job that requires little more than a cheery disposition, but at the Pigga's Trough Town in San Frangeles, the woman who suits up behind the snout does more than just pose for pictures.

Boss Croaker

When Boss Croaker, the mysterious and silhouetted owner of the Pigga franchise, saw his flagship Pigga property overrun by gang banging juvenile delinquents, he knew he had call in a true professional to keep things in order. Someone more skilled, and discrete than the wiry, zit-faced, incompetents hired on as the security team. Someone totally under the radar and completely unknown. Who is she?  Where does she come from? What is her name? That all would have to remain totally anonymous, as this was a deal quietly made behind closed doors.  Now the  Pigga who patrols the scene at the San Frangeles Park is a highly skilled female assassin who puts some serious c#%t into the carnival-like setting.

LAMONT at his favorite Churro Truck
Under Boss Croaker's orders, this Pigga rids the park of petty vandals and saggy drawer hoodlums  by using any means possible, even extreme measures, all the while keeping the park patrons and it's staff completely oblivious to the action. There is, however, one staff member aware of the happenings behind the scene. A churro chompin', ride hoppin' lion named Lamont, who acts as Pigga's sidekick. Lamont doesn't mind the added responsibilities and complete secrecy,  as long as he gets enough of those cinnamon soaked, deep fried treats, and free roller coaster rides. In fact, that's how they pay him.

PIGGA on the job
Together, Pigga and Lamont kick some serious keister as the protectors of her namesake park. So if you're a career criminal out to cause havoc, or a little girl inadvertently walking away with a stuffed toy (see right panel), you better beware. Pigga may cause you to think twice about calling another authority figure "pig" again.


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