Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There was once a crazy raccoon,
Who wanted to fly to the moon;
So he lit up a tree, filled with TNT,
And shot up just like a harpoon.


  1. Haha very good! I looked through your blog..I like your cartoons...are they done on painter or photoshop?

  2. Great character, concept and limerick! Nice job

  3. Thanks so much for the comments everyone. It is a shame that this raccoon will probably suffer some serious "butt burn" but I think this little guy will eventually make it to the moon. Perhaps in a more round about fashion that he initially intended!

    To answer your question Mr. Rod MacGregor, i use an outdated version of photoshop. I love using it because it allows me to keep my original pencil drawings, of which I have an unhealthy attachment to.

  4. i like your racoon character, i had to draw one to last weeks.